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Discover our unique circuit

Discover the unique karting circuit of Goodwill Karting - a breathtaking playground for speed demons and racing fanatics. With its challenging layout and advanced technology, our circuit offers an unforgettable racing experience that will make your heart beat faster.

With a total length of 600 meters, our circuit challenges you with a combination of sharp bends, long straights and a legendary curve. Every corner tests your skills and sharpens your racing spirit, while the straights let you push your speed to the limit.

What really sets our circuit apart is the state-of-the-art technology we have integrated to make every race a top event. Our electronic time registration system ensures that you can track your lap times accurately and in real time, while the professional start/finish line with flag wavers starts the race with a touch of spectacle.

Challenge yourself and come test our circuit. Become the ultimate speed champion and improve your personal record time. Or challenge your friends, family or colleagues to an exciting race and find out who will be the king of the track.


At Goodwill Karting your karting session starts with an important moment: the briefing. Here we share essential information about safety and fun before you hit the track.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the technical aspects, such as kart operation, braking techniques and cornering techniques. We also emphasize the importance of safety and respect for fellow drivers.

For your convenience, we have made the briefing available in several languages. Click on the links below to preview the briefing.

After the briefing, step into your kart with confidence, ready for an unforgettable racing experience. At Goodwill Karting we are there for you, from start to finish.

Come to Goodwill Karting and be transported into a world of speed, competition and friendship. Enjoy karting and create memories you will always cherish.

Click here for the briefing in different languages

Safety briefing

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